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Here we present the second revised edition of " – an anthology about ’folkbildning’ and flexible learning". second edition was published 2004 by The Swedish National Council of Adult Education (Folkbildningsrådet) and The Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning (CFL) together with Adult Study Net Project.

CHAPTERS: Content, Foreword, Writer presentation,
About "folkbildning" 7
”Folkbildning” and flexible learning, by the editors 15
The renaissance of the meeting!, by Lars-Erik Axelsson 37
To create the good forum, by Ingemar Svensson 49
The first meeting, by Kiki Bodin 63
Far and near – combinations of ne and de at folk high schools, by Kenneth Hermansson 73
With the virtual study room as a meeting place, by Tore Persson 81
The Folkbildning Net – a common pedagogical tool, by Tore Persson 85
Can you pich cloudberries at a distance?, by Kenneth Hermansson 95
To develop the dialogue in the study circle, by Tommy Nilsson 113
To read between the lines, by Ove Rackner 127
Successful group projects at a distance, by Kerstin Namuth 143
The dramaturgy of flexible learning, by Ronny Schueler 157
About learning styles and learning environments, by Lars-Erik Axelsson 175
How to collaborate and learn at a distance – formats, problems and possibilities, by Eva Fåhræus 195
The study workshop as a learning environment , by Urban Bäckström, Birgitta Callerud, Katarina Granath & Annastina Kapla 211
Educational conversations and information technological revolutions in human history, by Roger Säljö 229
Adult Study Net, by Björn Garefelt

The printed version of the anthology, as well as the first edition, can be ordered from The Swedish National Council of Adult Education (Folkbildningsrådet):